About #HappyPlaceFound

Every day, people find their happy place at Sunday River. Your particular happy place might be a physical location like the summit of your favorite peak. It might be a memory, like the first time your daughter skied to the bottom of the surface lift by herself. It might be an experience, like listening to the quiet sound of snowfall.  Everyone’s is different but everyone’s is the same – you know it when you find it.

#HappyPlaceFound is a way to celebrate your happy place and share it with others.  We hope you’ll join in.

Terms & Conditions

The #HappyPlaceFound marketing campaign shares images and video submitted by the public through the Instagram online service.

The submitted photographs, video and other artwork are called “Content”.

By tagging Content created at or associated with Sunday River Resort with #happyplacefound through the Instagram service, Content creators give Sunday River the right and permission to publish, republish or otherwise use Content with or without edits and grant to Sunday River worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free rights and license to use the Content in media including but not limited to web sites, video material, print advertising, online advertising, and collateral and other printed material.

By submitting Content, all Content creators represent and warrant that they own or have all necessary rights, licenses and permissions to publish and share the Content, and that the Content does not contain third party copyrighted material or material that is otherwise subject to third party ownership of rights in any way.

Submitted Content may or may not be included in the campaign at the sole discretion of Sunday River Resort and the Resort reserves the right not to publish any image for any reason.

Should any Content provider wish for submitted Content no to be shared or to be removed from the campaign they may send this request to webmaster@sundayriver.com and remove the #happyplacefound tag from their Content on Instagram.

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